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My Beliefs


Hold On Pain Ends

Hold On Pain Ends

Hold On Pain Ends

I have a deep belief that nothing is permanent and there is always 


​If you have stumbled onto my website because you haven't been feeling like yourself, or maybe you have even wanted to jump out of your own skin. 

If you have been told that

 "this" is something that you will just have to live with...
Then I would love to work with you!

You do have options and there are answers! 


Natural Healing

Hold On Pain Ends

Hold On Pain Ends

My goal is to provide alternative care with a holistic approach that offers instant pain relief and accelerated recovery based on the fundamental healing principle that your body is self healing!  

Below are some testimonies from past clients and how I was able to help them overcome chronic pain, emotional and energitic blocks using a combination of the modalities that I practice.



Ear Reflexology

​​Using acupressure points in the ear to relieve pain and other issues in the body.

Zay H.

​I was walking around everyday with chronic pain at a level of 7-8 due to whiplash from a car accident. After 4 sessions I was down to a pain level of 1-2, my PTSD was diminished and I had lost 20 pounds.


Pranic Healing

Using prana or chi energy to restore the body to normal function.

​Beth V.

I woke up one day with severe back pain and was having trouble breathing. It was very scary because of how hard it was to breathe. I called Cathy in a panic she responded in a calm and soothing voice and let me know that she could work on me remotely. After about 20 minutes of Pranic Healing it became easier to breath and I was able to start moving around again with less pain. The next day I was 70% better just sore and fully recovered within another day.




Japanese healing treatment.

Brittany L.

After my first session with Cathy, my outlook on life and my relationships with others and myself had changed in ways I never expected! I felt the negative effects that past relationships had on me completely dissolve. I noticed my relationships improving as I was able to communicate better and could emphathize better with those around me.