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I have always had a heart for healthy living, healing and a special interest in alternative therapies.

In December of 2011, I woke up one morning with a hurricane in my head. The official diagnosis was virus vertigo. I lived on a merry go round for 4 1/2 months when the all-day spinning slowed down, both my mind and body were completely wrecked. That is when I stumbled onto Auriculotherapy and ear beads. I had tried a few other treatments but it was the only one that gave me relief.


I knew I had found something very special and wanted to help others. I felt a calling to start studying and learning Complementary and Alternative healing methods called (Modalities).  

Using my new training I started working on some friends and family members who were dealing with chronic pain, and it helped them. They were reporting amazing outcomes.  The outcomes gave me the confidence to continue expanding, so I added energy work, Pranic Healing with additional training in psychotherapy and Reiki to my tool box. I am now a Holy Fire II Reiki Master and certified to teach Reiki classes. 


Today, I am very thankful for the virus vertigo and all the challanges that came along with it because it increased my faith, compassion and enabled me to help others!

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